( I.E.R.S. )   International Express Remittance Services S.A. is located in No.

 24  Korinthias St. Ambelokipi ,  Athens, Greece  11526.


To be the most efficient yet cost saving money transfer service all over the globe.


Accurate and Effective Transfer of Information is required in  Fastest Remittance.

Relationships to our customers will always be  our  top most priority.

“Remittance Service  Excellence”  is a must !

In order to send money, our client/ sender must submit legal documents pertaining to their working and residence permits. At the same time, both remitter and beneficiary should likewise send/receive only the allowable amount of remittance and must present legal identification.  ”NO LEGAL PAPERS by SENDER, NO REMITTANCE “ This policy  is required and must be clear.



I.E.R.S.  is a licensed , AMLA compliant corporation, engaged in Money Transfer service. 

I.E.R.S. is fully registered under Greece Central Bank and Greek Law.  In possession of a license to conduct “ third financial intermediary”activities, a license which according to law can only be granted to Greek Citizen.

I.E.R.S. started its full operation in January 2003 and eyed to expand in succeeding years.  Our office, totalling 180 sq. meters is located in the center of Athens where transportation is so easy and adjacent to many shops  including Asian stores. The office is equipped with alarm and bullet proof windows and doors.

IERS legal license in Europe can support other aspirant bank and remittance companies from other countries abroad. Countries in Asia and Europe are most welcome to take part of its objective “ I Encourage to Remit and Support !” that is why we will continue our hardship to find BEST and QUALITY service not just taking all Remittance Services that lead to customer’s confusions. We can get even one service and prove to be effective and strong. But of course, other products and services will still be available . There’s no better way than reaching the minds of our people and adopt influences to better serve our dear families. This is our goal and most of all our concern.

Greece a developed country, member of a European Union with more than 1 million foreigners whose aim is to support their love ones back home.


I.E.R.S. proved  to have a very good track record to its remittance services with its present remittance tie-up banks like in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Philippines, under its remittance group of RCBC ( Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation ), the RCBC TeleMoney., the top bank in the Philippines supported by its own group of conglomerates around the world. Its Remittance Operation extended in the following countries Asia, Middle East, North America and U.S.A. , Europe, Saudi Arabia.

Sri Lanka’s premier bank, Bank of Ceylon now also in operation and  performing to be the most accommodating remittance office for the Sri Lankan Community in Greece. IERS target to get the Sri Lankan market in providing the best exchange rate of euro to Sri Lankan Rupees. Technological Advancement and Cost saving tariffs were also extended to make sure of serving well the Sri Lankan Remitters.


I.E.R.S. is operating Mondays to Sundays  from  9:30 PM to 6:30 PM .

Customer Service support made possible by our professional team of Customer Care Officers.

The team will handle customer inquiry, status feedback and other instructions assigned to them. 


Our remittance platform will enhance further security labels to transmit fast and accurate delivery of our timely remittances. Our  IERS Server can be trusted to acquire huge volume of transaction. Our  Updated Computer Terminals are ready to accommodate clients at any given time to best support our customer service. 

Secured layered cameras advanced further security in and out of the premises.


As mandated by the Central Bank of Greece,  I.E.R.S. is required to comply with the Anti- Money Laundering Act. All of the amount being sent to Philippines must be lawful and do not violate the allowable amount of remittance.

Our customers/ remitters are required to present their valid identifications such as Passport, Proof of Residency, Income Statement from our Tax office to verify the capability of remittance.


PICK UP   Service

Take your remittance from any of our accredited offices in the Philippines and   Sri Lanka .

Our Reliable partner  banks  will likewise secure immediate release from their bank Branches and Affiliated Outlets nationwide.

( Availability of funds to its destination will be the following day or ASAP. )       

    Remittance Instruction  in the Philippines :

  Just present your  Identification and the APPLICATION NO. ( I.E.R.S. will provide this to the sender )  and may present to any of our RCBC Branches  or Affiliated Outlets Nationwide  in the Philippines.   

    Remittance Instruction  in  Sri Lanka :

 Just present your  Identification card and BOC no.. ( I.E.R.S. will provide this to the sender )  and may present to any of our RCBC Branches  or Affiliated Outlets   Nationwide  in Sri Lanka.   

DOOR  to  DOOR  Service   ( CASH DELIVERY)

Our accredited couriers in the Philippines will deliver the money  to your home.

 RISK FREE, our courier assume the responsibility and all the risks for the delivery of cash until the money is safely in the Beneficiary/Receiver’s hand. 

 ( Availability of funds to Philippines will be delivered 1-2 days Manila, 3-4 days Provincial Area or ASAP- best   effort . )     

Remittance Instruction  in the Philippines :

 Just wait for the allowable period of time delivery and the money will give straight to your

         doorstep for  your own convenience. Please present your valid identification to our courier.

 DEPOSIT TO  RCBC  Accounts   /  BOC Accounts

RCBC will facilitate the deposit to RCBC Commercial  Bank or RCBC Savings Bank Accounts all over the Philippines.     

( Availability of funds to its destination  will be  1  day   or  ASAP- best effort  )

DEPOSIT TO  OTHER BANK ACCOUNTS  Service  ( Philippines  / Sri Lanka

Our accredited bank service provider will facilitate the transfer/ deposit to any Philippine other bank accounts all over the Philippines and Sri Lankan other Bank Accounts.


  ( Availability of funds to its destination Banks will be  1 - 3 days   or  ASAP- best effort . )                   

  Remittance Instruction  in the Philippines :

     Just wait for the allowable period of time delivery to credit the amount of remittance to your

        beneficiary’s account in other bank in the Philippines.

However, we strongly suggest to better serve you by our fastest service  pls. open RCBC bank account ( PHILIPPINES )  or BOC account  ( SRI LANKA ) to eliminate the days of  other bank deposit.   


RCBC and BOC accounts can be deposited  as soon as possible or the following day after the remittance

has been made in our office.



  JOHN  TSOUTIS                                 - Chairman  and Managing Director     

  JOHN TSOUTIS  SR.                           -  Member


  CONSTANTINOS GLYNOS                    -  Member


 You may contact our office from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm  Greece Time for any related matter  or email us at , ,  or simply visit our website :

Our office line numbers are : RCBC Telemoney     (0030)  2107475287   and       2107475288

                                             BOC e-Cash             (0030)  2107473092   and       2107473093



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RCBC TeleMoney


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