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( I.E.R.S. ), Athens, Greece.

"Our vision is to be the most efficient yet cost saving money transfer service all over the globe."


IERS is a licensed, AMLA compliant corporation, engaged in Money Transfer service. Remittance to Philippines and Sri Lanka is currently our premium product for the “OFWs” Overseas Filipino Workers and Sri Lankan Overseas Workers in Greece.

IERS legal licensed in Europe can support other aspirant bank and remittance companies from other countries abroad. Countries in Asia and Europe are most welcome to take part of its objectives “I Encourage to Remit and Support !” that is why we will continue our hardship to find BEST and QUALITY service not just taking all Remittance Services that lead to customer’s confusions. We can GET even one service and prove to be effective and strong. But of course, other products and services will still be available. There’s no better way than reaching the minds of our people and adopt influences to better serve our dear families. This is our goal and most of all our concern.

Greece, a developed country, member of the European Union with more than 1 Million foreigners whose aim is to support their love ones back home.

As mandated,
IERS is required to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Act ( AMLA ). All of the amount being sent to Philippines must be lawful and do not violate the allowable amount of remittance.