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                                                                                            Sri Lanka


Remittances Services Offered:


Deposit To Bank Of Ceylon Accounts

Our accredited bank service provider will facilitate the transfer / deposit to any Bank Of Ceylon bank accounts with 303 branches all over the Sri Lanka.

(Availability of funds to Bank of Ceylon will be deposited next day or ASAP - best effort)


Deposit TO Other Bank Accounts

Our accredited bank service provider will facilitate the deposit to any bank accounts all over the Sri Lanka .

(Availability of funds to other Banks will be 2 - 3 days or ASAP - best effort)


Remittance Instruction In Sri Lanka :

Just wait for the allowable period of time delivery to credit the amount of remittance to your beneficiary’s account in other bank in the Sri Lanka.

However, we strongly suggest to better serving you by our fastest service pls. Open Bank of Ceylon account to eliminate the days of other bank deposit.

Bank of Ceylon account can be deposited as soon as possible or the following day after the remittance has been made in our office.


Payment On Identification

Take your remittance from any of our Bank of Ceylon branch in the Sri Lanka

Our Reliable partner Bank Of Ceylon with 303 branches Island wide

(Availability of funds to Sri Lanka will be the following day or ASAP)


Remittance Instruction in the Sri Lanka :

When the deposit arrive to the specific Bank Of Ceylon branch they will inform the beneficiary to pick up the money

Just present your Identification and the APPLICATION NO. (I.E.R.S.) will provide this to the sender) to specific Bank Of Ceylon Branch which chosen by remitter.

Beneficiary must provide the phrase of  “Non Customer Payment Account” to the specific Bank of Ceylon branch to withdraw the remittance.